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  • 2022.12.11 Resolved PHP version upgrade issue.
  • 2021.12.04 Chenge function to display the constellation line and name.
  • 2021.08.21 Re-create star data file. Corrected some of star names.
  • 2021.08.14 Deleted 3 skylines (Country, City, Seaside)
  • 2021.08.08 Corrected the constellation name.(Camelopardalis, Corona Australis)
  • 2021.08.07 Minorly modified the function to plot planets and comet.
  • 2020.08.23 Improveed the function to plot planets. Corected the function to plot comet.
  • 2020.08.16 Corected the fumula of moon age. Corrected the formula for calculating the number of days from J2000.0. Corrected a mistake in the formula of position the Moon.
  • 2020.07.26 Add world cities to the where dropdown list.
  • 2015.01.03 Delete twitter page.
  • 2013.08.15 Lounch


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