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  • 2021.08.21 Re-create star data file. Corrected some of star names.
  • 2021.08.14 Deleted 3 SKYLINEs (Country, City, Seaside)
  • 2021.08.08 Corrected the constellation name.(Camelopardalis, Corona Australis)
  • 2013.08.15 Lounch


personal, non-commercial use only

Starry Night Planetarium is available for personal, non-comercial use only.


For commercial use or commercial republication, please Email to pr[at]



Thank you bery much for your help. I think these bug information is useful for every user.

Known Bugs

  • In many cases, there is a some hours' gap occurring. (2013.08.26)
  • Constellation lines and the ecliptic line are displayed out side of Sky area.This bug occurs on browser for Android 4.X. (2013.06.22)
  • Star chart is white out in some cases.This bug occurs on browser for Android 4.X. But if you use a browser Opera Mobile, you can use star chart as usual. (2013.06.22)
  • PNG download might be unsuccessful. (2013.06.22)
  • Skyline[ seaside ] is corrupt sometimes.(2012.10.31)

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